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TVB Corp is a Financial and Real Estate Advisory &Property Development firm that employs integrated approaches to address client challenge. Whether it's acquisition of land and development, advisory services or, leasing or sale of premises to the end user, Joint Venturing and Funding to Developers or Non – Profit Organisation advisory & CSR Fund Management, we provide an end-to-end solution to our clients. So if you're looking to profit from the vast potential of India's current real estate market, look no further than TVB Corp. Together, we will build a relationship as enduring as the properties we will help you buy.

TVB Corp innovative, simple, frugal and lasting solutions have made a fundamental impact to the profitability, predictability and sustainability of our client's businesses. We cherish the role of partners in progress, and hope to be always relevant and valuable in all our engagements.


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The real estate market in India is in need of the precise kind of services that TVB Corp offers for various reasons.

  • Real estate market in India is still unstructured, with no single source for data. We aim to be that single, dependable source
  • Market understanding is frequently incomplete. We intrinsically know developers and builders in most cities in India.
  • Most service providers are transaction driven. We aim to build relationships with clients that are as enduring as they are profitable
  • Legal and technical issues vary across regional markets. Our experts offer comprehensive advice on all issues across all markets
  • And most importantly, we derive synergy from the goodwill, resources, experience and expertise of the TVB Corp promoters to help us maximise every deal.